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The photo shows the finished concrete work in Brentwood.

One of the most popular materials for the driveway is concrete. However, concrete comes with its drawbacks. It has a dull look, but it cracks easily, it can be hard to repair, and quickly get stained. Therefore, you may want to consider the pros of other materials if you are considering recarpeting your driveway.

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One of the most popular alternatives is the use of brick pavers. If you aren’t confident about using this form of brick masonry in your driveways, here are some benefits of driveway brick pavers over concrete driveway.

Benefits of Brick Pavers


One of the drawbacks of a concrete driveway is that it quickly gets stained by oil and other fluids from your car. On the other hand, brick doesn’t stain easily. And even if one portion of your driveway gets stained, it’s easy to replace the brick paver in that section of your driveway, giving it a fresh look again.

Ease of Repair

On top of stains becoming easier to fix in a driveway made of bricks, it is easier to carry out repairs in your brick pavers driveway. A common challenge with concrete driveways is that they will get chipped, cracked, and pitted after some time. Once a concrete driveway wears out, it can be hard to repair. You can have a specific contractor demolish the whole driveway, or they can do a concrete resurfacing. Destroying the entire surface is hard and can be expensive. When it comes to brick pavers, every paver is installed individually, and it can be replaced when damages occur. This makes your paver driveway to be a more cost-effective option.


Another challenge is that a concrete driveway can get slippery when wet, making it dangerous to walk on. On the other hand, brick pavers are slip-resistant as they have an abrasive or naturally textured surface. This means that a paver driveway can create a safe and stable surface that you can walk with even when the cover is wet. This makes them an excellent choice for people who live in wet areas.


If you are concerned about the environment, you may want to consider brick pavers. A concrete driveway requires you to use new resources and materials in the construction of a driveway. On the other hand, you can use recycled pavers for the construction of your driveway. Even if you choose to change the look of your driveway in the future, you can recover these pavers.


As compared to concrete, paver driveways are more flexible. In most cases, a concrete driveway is destroyed by the shifting and settling of soil below the driveway’s surface. The good thing with the brick paver driveway is that it is made of interlocking blocks instead of solid slab. This makes it possible for your driveway to withstand this movement below it. This, in turn, means that brick pavers will maintain their structural integrity better than poured concrete.

In the long-term, concrete driveways are more expensive and have more challenges than brick pavers. This is because brick pavers are safer, easier to maintain, and can be easily repaired. The fact that you can repair individual pavers when they get damaged will also mean that your brick masonry driveway will last longer than concrete.

These are some of the few benefits that brick pavers driveways have over concrete driveways. If you need to learn how to use brick masonry in your project, contact Brentwood Pro Concrete Co. on (925)309-5329 for free estimates.