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Over time, your Clayton patio may be broken down, get chipped, faded, or grimy. Weed may also start to grow in between the brick pavers.

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If you continue enjoying your patio, you will need to search for a patio restoration service. There are several ways to maintain your hardscape and ensure that it remains looking its best.

Benefits of a Patio Restoration

With time, your patio will wear down as a result of the harsh weather elements. The patio surface will be affected by rain, ice, and snow. The patio can also wear down as a result of the furniture scraping down against traffic. If your patio is located in a cold and damp location, moss and mold may begin to cover certain spots of the patio. All these factors will raise the need for patio restoration.

With the right patio restoration service, you can boost the look of the patio. Here are some of the steps to take to restore the look of your patio.

Paver Replacement

If there are broken hardscape pieces on your pavement, these should be addressed immediately. If there are broken pavers, these can cause the accumulation of ice that can, in turn, cause the cracking of the adjacent pavement panels. To list the broken or cracked stone, a masonry contractor will use a hammer or pry bar and a chisel. A qualified masonry contractor should do this job if the adjacent pavers will not be destroyed.

Get Rid of Algae

If standing water accumulates on the hardscape, during the winter and fall, it might cause the growth of algae. It is advisable to deal with the algae growth so that it doesn’t turn into a tripping hazard. One of the best ways of dealing with the growth of algae is by pressure washing your patio.

Patch Asphalt

When you notice small holes and cracks appearing in your patio, you will need to contact a concrete contractor as soon as possible. This is because water can settle in the gaps. When this water freezes during winter, it will expand the holes, making the damage more severe. Your concrete contractor can fill the homes using cold-mix asphalt.

Repair Gravel Paths

One of the best ways of accentuating your patio is the addition of gravel paths. The downside of this is that weed can grow inside them. To reduce the growth of grass, you can use a geotextile fabric to relay your path. After the weed-proof membrane has been covered, you can replace the gravel stones and even them to provide an inviting and professional appearance.

Starting the Process of Patio Restoration

It is easy to get started with your patio restoration process. First, you will need to get in touch with a qualified concrete contractor in Clayton. One of the names you should consider is Brentwood Pro Concrete Co. Once you get in touch with us, we will assess the situation. We will then inform you of the patio restoration method we will be using. We will then ensure that your patio remains to look at its best and is within your budget.

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