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Stonemasonry refers to a construction method that uses natural stones and mortar to create load-bearing as well as non-bearing walls. It uses stone that is known for its durability and ability to withstand harsh weather elements. This is why, for a long time, the stone has been one of the most used materials in the construction of buildings, cities, monuments, and sculptures from all corners of the world.

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Natural stones are of different shapes, sizes, and shapes. This has led to the development of different stone masonry methods to meet the unique demands of the project and its location. The type of masonry to be used depends on the shape of the stones. Stones can be laid in horizontal courses, uncoursed, or random ways. Here are some of the most common forms of masonry.

Cyclopean Masonry

This type of stone masonry involves fitting big stone boulders together to ensure there are little gaps between the adjacent stones. If there is no tooling, small stones are used to fill any remaining gaps without the use of mortars. This form of masonry was commonly used in Mycenaean architecture. Its name is derived from Cyclops, who is believed to have had the strength to carry massive stones. 

Coursed Rubble Stone

This form of stone masonry consists of broke stones that are laid in some level courses. These stones are hammer dressed in a bid to make them of equal sizes. This form of masonry is laid in continuous and level courses of different heights in the same course.

Course Ashlars Masonry

This involves the use of dressed and tooled ashlars stones containing uniform properties. Their tooling process makes their cost, material, and labor high. Coursed ashlars masonry requires different courses to have the same heights and joints. 

Random Uncoursed Rubble

This form of stone masonry involves stacking broken stones of different qualities and sizes. This is one of the roughest and cheapest ways of stone masonry. It is usually made of stones that have been mined from earth effortlessly. The big stones are laid first before the smaller broken stones are used to fill random spaces. This form of masonry is laid using discontinuous courses that are almost level. Expressed faces are used to enhance the natural qualities of the shape of the stone.

Random Uncoursed Ashlars

This is a form of stone masonry that makes use of ashlars stones that are finely tooled. These are then laid in random courses that are also discontinuous. It is made up of different sizes of stones with well processed and dressed rectangular shapes. This offers a more organic look even as it remains structurally stable with controlled and engineered bonds and joints.

Squared Rubble Masonry

This is a form of masonry that is made of stone that is squared on all joints using facing methods of chiseling and hammering the stone. This form of masonry consists of different sizes of stone that are laid in equal courses. Every third or fourth stone is coursed or uncoursed. This form of masonry is mainly found in hilly areas where cheap and quality stones are available.

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