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There are so many things that are common in bathrooms and kitchens. One of them is that these are some of the most commonly renovated areas, during the home remodeling projects. Another common thing is that they have countertops as one of their key features.

Water is also one of the things that are present around the bathroom and kitchen. This means that your choice of a countertop will be limited to a material that can withstand moisture. Kitchen surfaces often experience spills and hot objects getting placed on them. This means that if you use a non-durable and porous material such as laminates or wood, they will quickly wear down.

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So, which are the most suitable materials for your bathroom and kitchen countertops? The obvious answer is stone countertops. There are also other appropriate choices, such as concrete countertops, but the stone is more durable and best suited for the job. With stone, you can create a lovely design element. The big stone slabs are an excellent choice for countertops. These can even increase the value of your home. Here are some options to consider if you are considering stone for your indoor or also outdoor countertops.

Options To Consider for Stone Countertops


There was a time when granite countertops were associated with high-end homes. However, in the recent past, it has become more prevalent in homes. Its supply and alternatives have increased, making its price to come down. However, it remains a premium product. Granite is preferred for its aesthetic value and durability. 

Granite slabs are available in a wide range of styles and colors. This makes it an excellent choice for complementing nearly every bathroom and kitchen design. The ingenious rock is formed naturally below the earth’s surface, where there are temperatures over 2300 F, leading to the fusing of small feldspar and quartz particles. This is why granite has a signature mottled or speckled look that hides the seams. It has excellent hardness and has perfect heat resistance. 

A sealant is used to treat granite before it is used as countertops. This ensures that if there are any small pores and crevices, these are sealed. This makes the material to be the right choice for preventing staining and for food preparation. It is advisable to reseal granite countertops at least every year.


This is another stone that occurs naturally, providing durability and beauty to your concrete countertops. While its popularity continues to rise, it isn’t as common as granite, mostly because of its higher price. The metamorphic rock is formed when cementing materials and quartz recrystallizes to create a binding mosaic containing a smooth and glassy surface. Cementing materials and impurities in an original sandstone can enhance the quartzite color, making it look like marble.

One of the benefits of quartzite over granite is that it contains a more significant density, making it resistant to scratches, staining, and chipping. The fact that it can take the look of marble offers it a more substantial advantage. While it requires being sealed regularly, no maintenance is needed.


This is a material that is often associated with premium use. It has been used in the classical sculpture and premium building materials and is, therefore, associated with opulence. The metamorphic rock forms naturally when dolomite and limestone are subjected to high pressure in the earth’s crust. A wide range of styles and colors are created due to impurities, making it a viable choice for any design element.

One of the downsides of marble is that it isn’t as durable as the other materials here. It’s also porous, which makes it susceptible to stains if it isn’t treated regularly with sealants. It isn’t as hard as granite, quartzite or dolomite, and is, therefore, prone to chipping and scratches.


While this is also a natural countertop stone, it is less popular. However, it is gaining a lot of popularity as it is more durable and less expensive than marble. This stone is formed when groundwater containing magnesium gets into contact with limestone, resulting in a chemical change. It is available in the shades of gray or while providing it with streaks that enable it to look like quartzite. This is key as dolomite is more laborious than marble making it chip and scratch-resistant.

One of the downsides of dolomite is that it isn’t available in a wide range of colors, meaning it isn’t useful as a substitute to marble. Like other stones, it also requires constant sealing to ensure that it doesn’t stain.

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