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Concrete leveling is something that many homeowners still don’t understand. Many are left asking if it works. 

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Also, referred to as a slab jacking, it has been used for close to a century now. If you don’t know, you can learn how the process works.

If You Have a Damaged Slab, Can Concrete Leveling Help?

If you look at a sunken or badly cracked slab, you might feel as if the only option is the replacement. This is mostly because slab jacking is a bit simplistic. How can drilling a few holes and injecting polyurethane foam be a remedy for slab damage?

First, you will need to know what caused the concrete damage. In many cases, slab cracking and sinking can be as a result of the underlying soil condition. The poor compaction, weak bearing soils, increase in frost, or moisture affects the soil’s integrity. With time, soil settlement causes empty areas and voids below a slab. If the heavy concrete isn’t supported, it will crack, leading to degradation and cracks.

With slab jacking, these voids are filled, and the soil beneath is stabilized. With the injection of the material, the slab gets lifted by the pressure causing it to get back to an even look. After the caulking of the injection holes and cracks, you will be left with a nearly invisible repair.

For How Long with the Concrete Leveling Repair Last?

A common misconception that homeowners have is that when a slab is freshly installed, it will last longer than if repairs are done. This isn’t the case when it comes to concrete repair. If you opt for concrete replacement, you will have new concrete poured at the top of the current foundation.

Unless you are spending the right time and money in the excavation, refilling, and compaction of soil, it will be hard to stabilize these voids. This will cause the settlement of the new slab, maintaining it crack like an old one.

As compared to a slab replacement, slab jacking last longer. The reason for this is that it addresses the root of the problem. When you choose to pour a new slab, you may get your desired results for a short time. But if you need a durable and more dependable solution, you should opt for slab jacking.

Will Concrete Settle Again?

After concrete pouring, the soil will compact naturally and won’t do so again unless a lot of weight is added on it or the soil is much disturbed by floods. When mud jacking is used to correct concrete, it can easily experience additional settling as compared to soil corrected using polyurethane injection. This is because the material used can be easily washed away.

Why Does Concrete Become Uneven or Sink?

One of the primary reasons why concrete settles is because of moisture. When the soil below the concrete becomes wet and dries out, it causes the soil to become compact, leaving voids inside the soil that result in concrete settling. To ensure that your concrete doesn’t settle, you should ensure that the drainage close to the concrete is well cared for. You can also do that by having the rain gutters installed further away from concrete.

On top of that, you should maintain a positive grade. Another reason why soil can become compact is due to the traffic weight that can cause the concrete surface to settle naturally with time.

How Much Does Concrete Lifting Cost?

Several factors come into consideration when it comes to concrete leveling. These include slab condition, concrete area’s size, and the extent of the concrete’s setting. But with all factors constant, concrete replacement remains far much cost-effective as compared to concrete replacement.

On top of the lower cost of concrete leveling, the job is more straightforward as compared to the slab replacement. This is because slab replacement involves the removal of the old material and hauling it way. You will then need to have forms built before concrete is brought, poured, and finished. In less than half a day, it is possible to complete a concrete leveling job.

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