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A concrete slab is usually made in a way that offers a flat surface for a building, bridge, roof, and other structures. 

This slab is generally supported with walls or reinforced concrete beams that are often cast monolithically using structural steel beams or a slab.

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Types of Concrete Slabs 

Flat Slab

This is a slab that is usually reinforced with caps or concrete columns. These are typically beam-less, and their primary source of support is the columns. This kind of construction ensures that you get a plain ceiling with a beautiful appearance. This plain ceiling produces the right amount of light and is more fire-resistant than the standard beam slabs. It is easier to construct this type of beam as it doesn’t require a lot of formwork. Some of the uses of flat slabs include:

  • Offers a surface made of plain ceiling that helps with better light diffusion
  • Great for constructing more considerable headroom or shorter height of story and a beautiful look

Some of the areas where flat slabs are used are in parking decks, hotels, commercial buildings, and other areas where there is no need for beam projections. Some of the benefits of flat slabs include:

  • Reduces the height from one floor to the other
  • It takes less time to construct
  • Easy to install auto sprinkler
  • Enhances, the slab’s shear strength
  • Minimizes the useful span and, therefore, movement in the slab 

Some of the drawbacks of flat slabs include:

  • You can’t create a large span in a flat plate system
  • Not a right choice for supporting masonry partitions
  • The thickness of the slab is higher.

Concrete Slab

This is a slab that is usually supported by columns and beams. This type of slab has a small thickness and a more considerable beam depth, therefore, transferring the load to the poles and the columns. As compared to a flat slab, this requires more formwork. These types of slabs have a square shape and a 4m length. They use reinforcement consisting of main reinforcement bars, set horizontally, and distributions bars place vertically.

Depending on their length and width, they can be divided into:

  • One-way slab. These types of slabs consist of beams on two different sides. This requires little reinforcement 
  • Two-way slab. Lasers are used for supporting all the four sides of the slab.

Hollow-Core Slab

Just as the name suggests, these consist of units with hollow cores, which act as service ducts. These cores can reduce the slab’s self-weight and, therefore, increase the efficiency of the structure. These cores are sustainable in that they minimize the concrete volume used. Four to six horizontal lines run through hollow-core slabs, with the center’s primary role being to reduce the material and weight within a floor. 

No matter the concrete slab you need, you will need to work with a qualified and experienced concrete contractor. One of the most reputable names is Brentwood Pro Concrete Co. 

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