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Your home in Oakley is, without doubt, one of your most prized assets. This is why you need to ensure that you protect it. One of the drawbacks of Oakley cinder block foundation walls is that they can cause a lot of issues for homeowners. This is particularly when the home becomes old or is subjected to wet weather conditions. 

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With more weak points, the cinder block foundation is more delicate as compared to a poured concrete foundation. When the challenges become advanced, the wall may start bowing forward until it ends up collapsing. To avoid these issues, you should take action before they occur.

Common Damage Issues with Cinder Block Foundation

Here are some of the common problems to look out in your cinder block foundation.

Horizontal Cracks

When you notice thick and horizontal cracks on the basement wall, this could be a sign of a bigger structural problem. In most cases, the foundation’s structural integrity will already be compromised. We recommend that you get the services of a waterproofing professional or masonry contractor.

When your home has horizontal cracks, you are likely to have challenges with pests or moisture. The soil behind the wall will cause pests to get into your home. If you need temporary relief, you can buy masonry caulk or hydraulic cement from a home improvement store. These will help to keep out pests and moisture before you get in touch with a masonry contractor.

Vertical Movement

When vertical movement occurs in your foundation, these can be a sign of structural damage on the wall. When you check carefully, you are likely to notice bulging and stair-step cracking in the wall. This is mostly caused by frost and water pressure. 

Diagonal or stair-step mostly occurs in the corners of a building even though they can happen anywhere. Some of the significant causes of stair-stepping or diagonal cracks can be caused by several factors, such as: 

  • Vertical movement. This is mostly as a result of frost, settlement, or sinkhole. Other factors can be as a result of expansive clay soil close to a foundation wall.
  • If there is increased movement at the intersecting fence around the corner. This same heaviness might result in nearly vertical cracks if these occur close to the wall’s center.
  • In areas where there is expansive soil or freezing weather

Foundation Sinking/Settlement

When you notice that your home has a settlement or sinking issue, you need to have it checked. This is a sign that you have a problem with your foundation. With time, one side of the house may get lower than the other, or you may realize that your commercial building is sinking at the center. If this is happening, it is a sign that you need to lift your foundation, or it may need the installation of exterior or interior foundation piers. These are usually put around the perimeter of the foundation to help raise it. Alternatively, they can be installed inside the structure.

In most cases, gaps occurring as a result of foundation settlement are usually vertical. Remember that what may look like a small dip at the beginning may become a massive challenge in the future.

Foundation Upheaval

When you notice an upward movement of your slab foundation, this is an indication that it is suffering from a foundation upheaval. This could be due to various factors such as excessive moisture or expansion or contraction of the soil. When the soil expands, it acquires more volume. Frost heave cans also result in foundation issues. When water falls to less than 32 degrees, and freezes, its size is increased by nine percent. This can cause more pressure on the foundation, resulting in its movement. When there is foundation movement, this will often result in cracks in the foundation.

When you find any issue in your cinder block foundation, it is time to contact a concrete contractor in Oakley. Remember that the more you delay, the worse the problem will become. For all your cinder block wall foundation, contact Brentwood Pro Concrete Co. We have made a reputation when it comes to all forms of masonry and concrete projects. You can reach us on (925)309-5329 for free estimates.