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The Most Reliable Outdoor Fireplace Contractors in Brentwood, CA

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Many homeowners believe that outdoor entertainment has to end immediately summer ends. This doesn’t have to be the case. With an outdoor fireplace, you can enjoy the outdoors, whether in fall, spring, or winter. An outdoor fireplace is a spot where you can build fires in the outdoors. 

Like an indoor fireplace, it is usually added to a stone, concrete, or brick patio. In most cases, it will have a chimney and firebox. Like an indoor fireplace, it should be cleaned and maintained properly if it continues looking good. This can also ensure that there is no build-up of ash.

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Even though the indoor fireplace is meant for heating, an outdoor fireplace is mostly used for cooking. The majority of fireplaces are designed to act as wood-fired ovens where you can make casseroles and pizzas. Some homeowners add the outdoor fireplace as a decorative feature that enables them to enjoy the crackling fire and entertain guests in the outdoors.

After determining that you need to add an outdoor fireplace in your home, one can decide whether to choose a wood or gas-fired fireplace. A good idea would be to talk to a masonry contractor to help you decide on an excellent choice for your property. Here are a few considerations to make.


How much effort are you willing to spend on your outdoor fireplace? Outdoor fireplaces that are fired with wood are usually inexpensive and don’t take a lot of time to install. However, wood-burning fireplaces can be a bit inconvenient as you will need to buy and load wood. You will also need to work on the fire until it catches. After that, clean up will be necessary. You will need to clean ash, bark, and other debris produced by wood after every use.

On the other hand, gas-fired outdoor fireplaces take little effort as all you need to do is to turn on a gas knob. This means the gas-fired fireplaces have no fuss.

Fuel Storage

Whether you are using a gas or wood outdoor fireplaces, you will need storage, only that they are in different forms. The gas-fired fireplace will need a tank where propane is stored. Even though the tank’s size will depend on how often you plan to use it with the hardscape feature, you can hide it using plants and fires. On the other hand, you will need a firewood stack for a wood-fired fireplace.


You will need to think of the fuel that is widely available in your area. If you live in an area where wood is familiar, you may naturally incline towards the wood. If you live in an area where there is a gas line, you may opt for a gas-fired outdoor fireplace. Your decision will be affected by the cost, time, and ease of procuring your desired fuel.


Both gas and wood will impact the environment differently. While gas isn’t part of renewable energy, it has a lower carbon footprint than wood. In this case, gas is the winner if you are thinking of an environmental-friendly option.

Personal Choice

Whether you choose gas or wood will also depend on your own choice. Wood requires a bit of work but provide a cracking roar that can’t be found with gas. The choice of a fireplace will also affect the taste of food. All these are vital factors to consider when choosing fuel. 


As long as your outdoor fireplace was installed by a professional, you don’t have to worry much about security. However, there is always a risk of gas leakage. On the other hand, burning firewood should be handled with precaution, especially when it comes to stacking and lighting. Embers from wood can cause a fire if the wood is stacked nearly. However, when your fireplace is built by an expert, this danger can be eliminated.

If you want to keep your family secure while enjoying the best outdoor experience, you will need to work with a qualified and experienced masonry contractor. One of the names that you should consider in this respect is Brentwood Pro Concrete Co. You can call us today on (925)309-5329 for free advice.