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Many homeowners often wonder if they should choose a poured concrete foundation or a cinder block wall. It can be hard to say which one is outrightly better.

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The majority of home builders opt for concrete foundations. However, each of these options comes with its pros and cons.

Poured Concrete Foundation

As compared to the cinder block wall, A concrete wall is more durable. It has more lateral strength that enables it to resist pressure from the water and soil from outside. The poured concrete wall contains no joints like the block wall and can, therefore, be easily waterproofed. These walls can be installed in any foundation design. They can also be adapted to cater to any changes at the last minute.

Cinder Block Foundation

These foundations were trendy before the 1970s when almost every home was built with a masonry foundation. Even though the poured concrete wall is an excellent choice for lateral strength, when well constructed, a cinderblock wall is better than a poured concrete wall. This is why the majority of concrete contractors use a cinder block wall.

Even though it is possible to waterproof concrete walls, block walls often experience leakages due to the grout lines. The mortar can be weathered down by snow and water, leading to leakages. You can use steel rebars to reinforce both types of walls. This way, you can add to the strength of the foundation.

A concrete block wall has an advantage in that the concrete is usually solid during construction. This is unlike the poured concrete walls that need curing time, at the site where they can also lose strength as a result of spalling. Both types of waterproofing ensure that you have installed a proper waterproofing system. Unless waterproofed, the foundation wall won’t be good enough.

Poured concrete walls can cave in within one year. On the other hand, a concrete block foundation can last for hundreds of years without failure.

Strengthening Both Types of Foundations

If you want to ensure that you have a solid concrete foundation, you can include horizontal and vertical steel reinforcing wires that rise to the concrete’s footing. You should fill the concrete block’s core with concrete, made of some pea-sized aggregate.

Reinforcing steels are also necessary if the wall will overcome the horizontal forces associated with wet soil. You should also bear in mind that when foundation walls are buried in the soil, they serve as retaining walls. This is because they prevent the soil from cascading into a basement.

Today, the construction of foundations has been revolutionized by a poured concrete foundation. The poured concrete foundation can be set in the morning before the concrete pouring is done in the afternoon. The curing will then be complete in 24 hours.

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